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A South Korean news publication has announced that the famous iPhone manufacturer Apple will be investing billions of dollars into KIA Motors to produce an Apple Car. It will formally be finalized on February 17th. And the formal contract is reportedly going to promise the production of 100,000 vehicles yearly. They will start rolling out from 2024. Once the process has been streamlined, it will further expand the capacity four times more.

Apple Car – a thing of now?

The journey to having its own car has been a long one for Apple. At first, they wanted to make a car from the basic level. But it did not fruit result, and they decided to abandon the idea for some time and focus on software more. It’s been six years since then.

apple car
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But let’s backtrack a bit to the part where they wanted to design their own car. As part of their design, the battery they intended for was to reduce the cost meanwhile increasing its range significantly.

Kia Apple Details

This new car will have a range of 300 miles when fully charged, and a five-minute charge will take you 60 miles. Moreover, the speed can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. And the highest speed it can achieve is 160 miles per hour. Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple expert, has mentioned that these configurations are of a high-performance car.

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It is also being said that the Apple car might have a feature that was included in iPhone 12 Pro last year. this was so because Apple was found talking to the suppliers of that feature. It is called the lidar sensors, and it will be used to scan distances.

Moreover, according to the Apple design, the battery will probably be made from Lithium Iron Phosphate because it is safer than other lithium-ion batteries that overheat a lot. The design by the iPhone makers is of a mono-cell design that will consume lesser space now that pouches and modules are not necessary.

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