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Apple is now providing its hacking-friendly iPhones to the researches. This will help the researchers in detecting the bugs in iOS. This hacker-friendly phone will offer greater access to researchers so that they will be able to run the code on iOS.

Apple Security Research Device Program

The company has announced a new program called Apple Security Research Device Program. Under the program, the famous tech giant will provide these particular iPhones to security researchers who already have a track record of uncovering vulnerabilities in the brand’s software.

The security experts will identify bugs in Apple’s operating system. The tech giant has made its application form public, so researchers who believe they are qualified enough for the task can apply in the program.

These new iPhone devices address the security concerns to the iPhones in a unique way like never before. Since Apple has always had a firm grasp on the functions and features of iOS, it has been tough for security researchers to figure out the weakness in the operating system. On the one hand, Apple’s strict security system makes sure that no malware can get inside or infiltrate its system. On the other hand, it stops researchers from analyzing the iPhones.

Apple’s security measure

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Apple has always been protective of its security measures. Due to limited information available about iOS’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities, hacking companies pay a large sum of money to get their hands of this information.

Since this information can be precious to state-sponsored spies. Hacking companies that design tools for the government go to lengths to own this information. Some may even pay in millions of dollars to know about the significant security weaknesses of the system.

To ensure the security of the iPhone against such cyberspies and companies, Apple launched this program in the year 2019. As mentioned above, the brand will provide particular hacker-friendly iPhones to the world’s best security researchers. These phones will allow the selected researchers to execute whatever computer code they would like to run without any restrictions.

The restrictions on the researchers

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Well, if you are thinking that these security researchers will have a great time after getting such an expensive phone only based on their qualifications, then let me tell you it is not like that.

The researchers will have the particular iPhone only for a year. They will, however, be able to renew the term once it ends. Furthermore, the researchers will not be allowed to use the phone for their personal use. The only purpose of this device is the research use.

They will neither be allowed to carry the phones outside their residents. The participants will have to report to Apple as soon as they find a weakness in the system. The brand will then fix the problem as soon as they would be able to. The researcher will not be allowed to speak about the bug publicly until it is solved.

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