chemical castration of rapists under anti-rape bill
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There are many types of crimes and criminals loose in this world. Some of the crimes are of a heinous nature. Their nature is so heinous that it makes one wonder why someone would do this. Rape is an extremely heinous, disgusting, and inhumane act. It leaves one without a feeling in their soul. It can send people down a spiral of trauma and they may suffer for the rest of their lives. Punishments for rape should be as strict as they can be. A new Anti-Rape bill has now been passed.

Under the new law that been has been passed, some developments have taken place. Rape has become quite a widespread crime in recent years. It seems that the criminals have been getting more fearless due to a lack of justice. Now, they will have to move with more fear. They will have to buckle up because the long arm of the law is headed for them. Rapists are now going to be chemically castrated under this new anti-rape bill.

new anti-rape bill passed in court
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Passing The Anti-Rape Bill

While the bill was presented in 2020, it has now been properly passed. After much discussion, there was a vote. The bill passed with 8 votes in favour against 4. The four who refused the bill said it was going to have judicial complications as possible repercussions. However, one should understand that this is something that goes beyond. It shows that crime cannot move about as freely now.

The Ministry Of Law and Justice were the ones to draft his bill. It has come in light of the cases that have been revealed since last year. The cases were quite a lot and there were many that people don’t even know about. Some think that rape hasn’t taken place in years but they are wrong. What has happened is that the rape case has not been seen, but the crime itself has not slowed down. This anti-rape bill is intended to protect the victims of survivors of sexual assault.

Facing Justice

We hope that the wrong-doers are exposed to justice. The criminals have roamed free for too long now. In fact, many have committed the crime multiple times. It is time for them to face the consequences of their actions. They cannot move forward without knowing the families whose lives they destroyed. Justice has to be done.

Anyone who is now caught under this act, with a rape charge, will be subjected to chemical castration. If you wish to find out the details of what it is, you can always go through Google or YouTube. We hope that this anti-rape bill really does help in improving the conditions of society. Justice is something that is very much needed now.

anti-rape bill calls for justice
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