The city of Karachi has currently been going through many different development projects, which includes the building as well as the demolishment of bridges and not to forget road expansion.

However, although these projects are a part of Karachi and overall Pakistan’s development, the way thing are being handled has become concerning. At first, it was Tariq Rd and then followed other areas and now Doraji has become the newest, ‘victim’.

Photo Courtesy: Ammar Shah

Doraji is known to be the home of Karachiites’ favorite ‘Gola Ganda’. However, the stalls occupied by the vendors in Doraji were abolished because they operated on public roads and each vendor had secured illegal portions of the road and sidewalk.

This created issues like traffic jams, portion disputes, and other relevant issues. Recently, the vendors and their stalls were removed because of their illegal operations. However, the mess left behind leaves us with a question; was abolishment necessary or could there be a better way to address this issue?

Photo Courtesy: Ammar Shah

Despite giving warnings and notices, vendors refuse to give-up their locations because it affects their income. However, it needs to be asked; where can these vendors go to earn? They probably cannot afford shops and may not have the money to buy fancy equipment to start a proper legal business.

Photo Courtesy: Ammar Shah

Yes, these stalls are being removed for proper infrastructure construction but at the same time, it is also important to provide a platform for these vendors so that they can continue to earn for their household.

What is your say on this situation?