Anoushey Ashraf

One of Pakistan’s most-celebrated TV hosts, Anoushey Ashraf, surprised her fans with her Nikkah photographs. This 41-year-old actress this Sunday announced on her Instagram that she has forever said goodbye to the single life. Video jockey Anoushey shared heartfelt images of what seemed like quite an intimate ceremony. Celebrated for her many talents, Anoushey made a name for herself as a video jockey. Her charismatic character and the way she spoke won hearts, and she was soon quite popular.

Anoushey Ashraf Weds Shahab Raza Mirza

After announcing their marriage on social media, Anoushey added a witty twist to the emotional moment. She captioned her post, “Beta, Shaadi kab karni hai?” and continued, “Kar li.” However she added humor to the matter, it’s hard to imagine how many people must have asked her this question.

The beautiful TV host’s ceremony was hosted in her own house. Both her and her husband’s closest friends and family were invited. Even though it was a small event, the presence of Ayesha Omer, Ali Hamza, Dino, and others gave it a star-studded touch. The Nikka ceremony was solemnized via a Zoom link. The most adorable shoutout came from Dino, who shared that they all waited for this special day of their beloved friend Anoushey. A time like this truly shows who your biggest supporters are.

In the photos shared by their colleagues, we see Anoushey Ashraf wearing a white and gold chikan-kari saree and opting for a natural make-up look according to the event. Her subtle makeup, white and gold saree, and her elegant jewelry gave her a graceful look.

Anoushey’s wedding has set up a new precedent for graceful and elegant weddings. Proving that when it is time to celebrate love, personal choices only make the event more unforgettable.

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