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It seems that this is a new trend; Pakistani university couple on the university premises. In a recent viral clip, a couple is seen where the boy goes on his knees, and with a bouquet of flowers, he proposes to his, who we assume to be his girlfriend.

The girl accepts, and the two hug each other. This happened next to a heart made out of rose petals. There was also an ‘O heart R’ written inside the heart. Have a look at the video to see how the event transpired.

The viral proposal

The backlash on the couple

People were quick to bash. They brought in ethical issues, moral issues and discussed religious limitations to the expression of love. But they were not this kind about it. And the taunts were quite harsh.

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This comes not too long after another Pakistani University Couple went viral for a proposal. In that, instead of the guy, the girl proposed, going on her knee. But after being bashed and the university becoming the highlight, the university had expelled the two.

It was later announced that the two, Hadiqa and Shehryar, got married to each other. Will the new couple also get expelled because they belong to the same city and, allegedly, the same university?

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