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People assume that the only places to explore in Pakistan for vacation are mainly in the northern areas. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many beautiful sights that are spread all over the country. In recent years, people have explored some areas of Sindh and Balochistan and found Gorakh Hills and Moola Chotok Waterfall, respectively.

Hidden gems go viral

Tourists started frequenting these places, and in doing so, they started going a bit deeper and a bit further. This is how they have found yet another hidden gem in Pakistan; The waterfall of Chaaro Machi. Considering it is the age of social media, it takes relatively less time for discovery to go viral and people becoming aware of it. And since this discovery is stunning, it will become viral in even lesser time.

Now, when Chaaro Machi waterfall goes viral, it will lead to two things: addition to the touristic destinations in the lower Pakistan side. Too many people visiting it will make the gem not so hidden. And what happens in Pakistan to not-so-hidden gems is that we do not take care of it, and it becomes polluted.

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What happens when secret places don’t remain secret

Another significant point of discussion is how we make do with what is available to us. If we discover something, we figure out how to make do with it temporarily. But seeing how it functions well with temporary services, we do not build on it and continue making do with it. This happened at Charna or Moola Chotok or any other touristic destination, at least in lower Pakistan.

Even though these destinations allow us to build resorts and make our tourism industry more strong even for places other than Northern areas, we do not. We see how it is working still without building Charna Island for more activities. We see how we do not need any resorts near the waterfalls, so we make do with a one day trip. And this could be because we know it is not safe to stay in these areas overnight. But these are not unsolvable factors.

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Parting idea?

Here is an idea for tourism hotels: Build resorts near or on these tourist destinations. This way, you will be providing tourists with not just your hotel centric activities but also natural activities. I mean, just imagine a resort on top of Charna island overlooking the sea or a hotel just outside the tree coverings because you don’t want to take away the natural essence of the waterfall now, do you?

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