Just when we thought our smartphones were secure and nobody could get a hold of our private conversations, a new creepy WhatsApp virus has been discovered. This virus can enter the phone while downloading apps from the Android play store.

The Android virus is called ‘GhostCTRL’ can gain access to a person’s call records, steal photos & video, hack into the browser history and spy by listening in and recording calls. Users can be tricked into installing the app

The threatening virus, GhostCTRL is known to latch onto popular Android applications like WhatsApp and Pokemon Go as identified by researchers, TrendMicro. The virus is highly advanced in its techniques and is able to access the phone’s camera and microphone as well. It is a danger for all who store important information on their cell-phones.

If fallen into the wrong hands, the malware will be able to help cyber criminals collect sensitive information that will harm Android users. The researchers have also highlighted that GhostCTRL is a virus that is better programme than other viruses.

Android users have now been warned not to install applications from unauthentic sources, it is highly recommended to only download apps from verified accounts.

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