Imran Khan

On 9th May, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan was arrested by the special forces, and ever since the country has been in a whirlwind of riots, protests, and chaos. Pakistan has been trending globally because of the political show the government has put on and has received all sorts of international reactions. One of which was Andrew Tates’.

Here have a look at what he tweeted.

On the day of the arrest, Tate tweeted, “All good guys go to jail” and many people thought this tweet referring to Imran Khan being the good guy and still going to jail. Andrew Tate, himself, just got out of jail recently, so maybe it could be about himself but his Pakistani fans begged to differ. His tweet soon gained huge popularity because of the relevance and the international hype of the Imran Khan topic.

Later he replied to a tweet that updated the public about the Imran Khan case saying that he had been let out of jail.

For those of you who do not know “G” is a way of referring to people who are the greatest and so Andrew Tate called Imran Khan a “G”. 

He then again tweeted but this time about the judicial system of Pakistan.

He called the judicial system of Pakistan honest and lauded it. Fans soon had a lot to say. Here have a look at some of the reactions.

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