Pakistan is a hotbed of musical talent, where there is no lack of genres being explored. One such artist who has been part of the music industry; Rutaba Yaqub has just dropped a hot new single ‘anay wala kal/ghubaray’’. Rutaba has been featured in both Nescafe Basement as well as Pepsi Battle of the Bands, BBC, and NPR. Where her musical talents were applauded by critics around the nation.

The new single is just the tip of the iceberg of her solo venture. ‘Anay Wala Kal’ is a contemporary mix of old-school Pakistani retro-pop infused with western-influenced basslines; while the lyrics hit everyone on a different level, based on their perception of them.

The song essentially takes the listener on a journey with their future perspective, which says to their present self ‘kese may batao tumko anay wala kal hai haseen’ (how should I tell you your future is beautiful). With Rutaba’s experience with the big wigs of the industry, the video of the song gives viewers nostalgia for the booming pop era of the 90s.

The single can be heard here. With the launch of this song, Rutaba is all set to drop an album in various markets.