Eidi given by traffic policeman
Image Source: facebook.com

Although this story is a little old, but it’s always heartwarming whenever we come across it – and of course, what better time than Eid to repost it?

We see many things every day that tend to liven up our spirits. Whether it is the animal world or the humanitarian one, these things can keep us hopeful. Sometimes, we see acts around us that remind us of the beauty of this world. Despite there being a pandemic, a lot of people have not lost hope in goodness and kindness. This Eid, an elderly policeman was seen giving out Eidi to drivers.

Does this not warm your heart to see someone doing this? The job of a policeman can be extremely tiring, especially when it’s traffic control. We are all aware of how bad the traffic situation is in Karachi. So if someone is trying to improve it, we should support them without question. Despite there being an enormous heatwave in Karachi, the traffic police people are hard at work, trying to ensure there are no accidents.

The Elderly Policeman

Around the area of boat basin, there is an elderly policeman. It can be seen as his station for quite a long time now. He is a veteran in his field and he takes pride in doing what he does. For the last two days, he has been seen doing something quite extraordinary. Yes, he has been distributing eidi to drivers stopping at the signal or passing by. This is an act of generosity that cannot be unrewarded.

There must be some way that we can pay him back, without making it seem entirely obvious. How much eidi he is giving is not the point of concern because any contribution counts. There is no small or big when it comes to giving from the heart. It is an extremely appreciable and honorary gesture from his end and may he have the best eid ever. It just puts a smile on many people’s faces when they see him on the corner and then he visits the car.

Here’s the video


This shows that goodness is not yet gone from this world. There are many people today who wish to see a better tomorrow. Who are we to stamp on somebody else’s happiness. He is doing this from the goodness of his heart and we should always appreciate such acts. It can be rare to find such people these days so we should remember to never forget him.

We hope that he has a wonderful eid. If we can find out more info about him, we will surely let you know as it develops. For now, we ask you to pray and visit him to see the blessing in real life. Some people truly are angels sent to Earth and this person is a prime example.

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