Asian Nachos
Image Source: India Today

Almost every day now, foodies discover new food trends that drive people on the internet crazy. People come up with the weirdest food combo and discover the most unique food places for foodies to try. This week, too, a new food controversy has made its way to the internet. Everyone loves nachos. Foodies might change the dipping sauce with the nachos but changing the nacho’s ethnicity might just be a crime.

This tweet, with the picture of “Asian Nachos”, has baffled nacho lovers and the general public too. A Malaysian eatery has just started selling the popular Indian snack “papad” by the boujee name of Asian Nachos and people are not here for it. The toppings include avocado, tamarind salsa, and crispy shallots which are also popular Indian masalas. 

The eatery is not just getting mocked because of their idea but also the price that they have set for their “innovative” dish. According to the restaurant’s website, the “Asian Nachos” is priced at 25 Malaysian ringgits, which is approximately Rs.1400 in Pakistan and ₹ 500 in India. Since being shared by the user named Naan Samantha, the post has gained more than 7,200 likes and over 437,000 views. One Twitter user revealed that the restaurant is called ‘Snitch by the Thieves’ in the comment section.

Many people had the same reactions of disappointment and some even disgust. Some disagreed with the whole concept while others hated it for the overpricing and its actual worth especially Indians and Mexican Twitter users. Many expressed their opinion with the help of memes. “I wonder if they’ll call “moong ka papad” as black dotted nachos? And I’m pretty satisfied with the 2rs papad which I get with masala powder can’t afford the 27 dollars lol,” one user remarked. Another person questioned whether Mexicans or Indians should take offense more strongly. “Sin not just a crime,” wrote a third person, while a fourth added ironically, “Me: I want nachos… Mom: we have nachos at home… *Nachos at home.”

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