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We’re living in a world where social awareness and the voice of the people can result in ‘fair n lovely’ changing its name to ‘glow and lovely’. Yes, the terrible skin lightening product still exists but at least a fundamental change has been made. People are acknowledging how toxic eurocentric ideas of beauty are— well, not everyone is.

What’s All This About?

Faiza Beauty Cream, unique to Pakistan, is still on its quest to “whiten” people. They haven’t changed their name or their agenda (even if it’s just for the clout). Moreover, a very loved actress, Ayeza Khan, irresponsibly decided to endorse them. Now bear she must all the ridicule that comes her way.

It is not unjustifiable to say that Ayeza Khan should be ridiculed over her choices. It’s not as if she’s in dire need of money and it’s also not as if she is deaf and blind to the social momentum. In this day and age, promoting a cream that uses harmful substances to whiten the skin of women is simply wrong. 

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Amna Ilyas’ Advocacy Is Humorous

Amna Ilyas raised her voice soon after Ayeza Khan’s ad aired. However, she must have felt that this isn’t enough to really drive the point home that endorsing fairness creams is wrong.

The model made a special Instagram video in which she, all decked up, is strutting with the voice-over of the Faiza Beauty Cream. The build-up to the “key to success” and the “secret of beauty” is her dumping her face in a bowl of flour. Ah, if only Pakistani society could do that (they would!).

See the video by Amna Ilyas and have a laugh!


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Why Celebrities Need To Be More Responsible

Today, celebrities don’t get to say that they made a mistake in terms of what they endorse or what they say on national television. And frankly, no it’s not that heartless to say that they can not either. They signed up for this and with fame comes a whole lot of responsibility.

More so in countries like Pakistan where the colonial hangover is still ever-present, people are shamed for darker skin tones, their weight and other things beyond their control.

Celebrities not only have PR people for them, but they also have brains of their own that they can use to stay updated. Why Ayeza Khan thought it was okay to promote this cream still remains a huge question that we’re hoping to get an answer to soon.

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