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The tale of hypocrisy is one as old as time. One often forgets their past-doings before they call someone out for something similar… Alas, Amna Ilyas has fallen prey to the tale!

Accused Of Hypocrisy Over What?

The internet is a scary place because deep in the depths of forgetfulness lies material that can be scavenged at any time. And this is exactly what happened. Someone took out a video of Amna Ilyas in which she is fat-shaming someone.

The interview was with Sadaf Kanwal. The two current models were seemingly playing a game of charades when Amina Haq’s name came up. Since Amna Ilyas had to explain to Sadaf Kanwal who she was talking about without speaking, her gestures were problematic.

She makes the gesture of someone being fat, and Sadaf Kanwal also picks it up by saying, “moti hogaye hai?”.

See The Video For Yourself!


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Why Was This Hypocritical?

This was extremely problematic and obviously hypocritical body-shaming isn’t a great thing to be laughing over. While everyone is appreciative of her vocal advocacy against colourism, who’s going to tell her that body-shaming needs to be fought too?

If her stance against colourism is this that it’s something beyond the control of people, what’s making her assume that weight is within people’s control?

We’re not talking about models who gain a KG or two here and there. Being ‘fat’ is greater than that and being obese is greater than that all of which are thoroughly shamed in our society.

Did anyone also think about how Amina Haq must have felt having two people call her “Fat” – clearly in a derogatory way – in an interview?

Amna Ilyas’ Response Is… Errr

Whether her response is meant to be ignorant or a show-off we can not tell. It features her all decked up, sitting in a car and addressing these comments of “moti kaha hai”. Then she says, “wou tou mai hu hi nai” which is just strange.


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Yes, everyone knows you’re not plus-sized, but you called someone else that? 

With Pakistani celebrities, it’s true that their true colours come to light later if not sooner. There goes her so-called woke-ness when she can not acknowledge her past and apologize for it. No, the zazz of rolling up your window and wearing some chic glasses does not make you cooler.

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