Amna Ilyas Faces Flak for Revealing BTS Video from Beach Shoot

Pakistani model and actress Amna Ilyas has sparked controversy by sharing a throwback behind-the-scenes video from a photoshoot on Adventure Beach in Karachi.

Previously, pictures from this shoot were, posted on November 6, and recently she uploaded a throwback video from that shoot featuring Amna in bold and daring outfits, which has drawn criticism from netizens.

Many have expressed discomfort and disapproval, stating that the shoot is too revealing and objectifying. Some have questioned Amna’s choice, wondering if it was necessary to go to such extremes to earn a living. Comments have flooded social media, with some users saying, “I wonder how people are so comfortable with this much nudity!!” and “Is this Pakistan? Really, so much shamefulness.”

Others have taken a more nuanced approach, pointing out that Amna’s actions may inadvertently perpetuate the very misogyny and objectification of women that she claims to stand against. One user commented, “Nudity and objectification of your femininity is not rebellion. It just further serves the very misogyny and objectification of women that you claim to stand against.”

Amna Ilyas has not yet responded to the backlash, but the debate raises important questions about the boundaries of artistic expression, cultural norms, and the representation of women in the media.

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