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Aamir Liaquat’s activity on his transmission recently went downhill, quite literally. As a result, it’s taking the internet by a storm!

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Aamir Liaquat’s Ramadan transmission shows are renowned for their uplifting spirit and the joyous atmosphere they create. Many activities and games are played including the hosts, the guests and the audience! As such, in one such activity on his show on Geo News, Liaquat was taken up for a race with one of his guest hosts.

However, while running he tripped on air and tumbled, having a great fall indeed. All it needed was this for Twitter to go crazy with memes over him and his fall.

The prime moment:

Twitter Has No Mercy

Within minutes, Amir Liaquat also started trending on Twitter and his memes spread faster than wildfire. Moreover, some people even said that #AmirLiaquat has spread more than corona itself. You can imagine the scale of the fall’s popularity.

If you’re looking for a good laugh for the Monday situation, here are the best memes made.

We’re Pakistanis, no meme can be made without a cricket reference.

A dig at PTI and its assets:

How many of us can relate to the remote fight with the siblings? Probably everyone

They Keep Coming Through

Some romantic prayers were not left behind- all the points for creativity!


Photoshopped next to the Avengers, Marvel has another think coming.

Pennywise’s role is apparently challenged!

Moreover, there are memes on the memes. It keeps getting better.

Some dating mishaps! For instance, running into the brother: relatable or not?

Additionally, what would Amir Liaquat say? We know now…

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

However, while many may be receiving that activity in a humorous light, many are not. There is a lot of criticism being levied against the host, religious scholar and politician too. People are questioning why he would decide to run with a na-mehram during a Ramadan transmission? 

Consequently, people ask, is this hypocrisy or is this only harmless publicity?

No Publicity Is Bad Publicity

All in all, Amir Liaquat just proves that all publicity is good publicity. The race appears to be an unnecessary gimmick on a show that should be serious or respectable according to the theme.

Moreover, Liaquat has also been criticised for passing severe comments against what a na-mehram man and woman can do together. Hence, what gives him the license?

Yet, his name and show have only gotten more famous because of the race and the fall. In conclusion, thanks to the meme culture in Pakistan, anything and everything can become famous.

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