Hunting of Markhor by American
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It is always a delight to be surfing through the television channels and come upon national geographic. When we observe these animals in their natural habitat, it gives us a hint of how life works in a proper ecosystem. Animals chase after animals, predators bound across plains in search of prey, and the circle of life goes on. It was true as was depicted in the Lion King, from the leader of the pride to the lands beyond a lion’s territory.

Every country has a national animal. It’s the animal that is unique to the country and what the country’s wildlife is recognized by. Pakistan’s national animal is the Markhor. It is a beautiful animal, docile in nature but dangerous when threatened. It stands as a symbol of strength, hope, and grace. However, it is an endangered species and must be protected as such. In recent news, an American has hunted down a Markhor!

Markhor Hunted By American
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The Markhor

It is one of the most graceful creatures ever to embrace this fair earth. They roam about with a sense of pride and royalty. They look like the King of the herbivores when they are seen from afar. When a Markhor walks up to you, you will know that a Markhor has stepped up to you. One of the most defining features of them is their horns.

These horns can reach up to enormous lengths and can be spotted from a considerable distance. They usually weigh anywhere between 40 kg to 110 kg. Yes, it can be a heavy animal. It belongs to the Goat family, and its diet consists of grass, shrubs, herbs.

Hunting The Endangered

As in recent news, an American citizen named Joseph Bradford has hunted down a Markhor in Chitral. The horns of the animal were measured to be reaching about forty inches. It puts a heavy strain on one’s heart to think of life being taken away like this. Of course, if the hunt were on illegal grounds, it would’ve been an even bigger issue.

However, the US-based hunter paid Rs.17.12 Million K-P wildlife department as a hunting permit fee. Out of this, 80% is alleged to be given to the community. The current Markhor popular is approximately a little above 5000 currently. This is still a number more extensive than a decade before, but it needs to go higher.

American hunter kills Markhor
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Preservation Of Wild Life

The wildlife committee has said that the money will be used for the development of wildlife in the region. Not just this, but they intend to preserve the endangered animals for the sake of not letting them go extinct. Many species of various animals have faced extinction in our time.

In Africa, the last of the white rhinos are being kept under close watch. How one connects to the other in hunting and development still remains to be seen in the long term. The chief conservator, Dr. Muhsin Farooq, had said that when this hunting program started, the Markhor population was at 900. Now, it’s beyond 5000.

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