Amazing Football Games For All The FIFA Lovers
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One of EA Sports’ most well-known titles, FIFA, is already a household name in the gaming world. Whether they are a fan of football or not, almost everyone who plays video games must have played FIFA at some point. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 5 fantastic mobile football games that you may play in addition to FIFA Football. What better way to unwind when the building is under lockdown?

  1. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer 2020 is undoubtedly an excellent substitute for FIFA Football and is debatably among the top football (or soccer, if you prefer) games available on the Play Store. The game has amazing 3D visuals and includes more than 3500 licensed players that you can employ to assemble your squad and compete against the top football clubs in the world!

  1. Real Football

Real Football, an Android game that Gameloft first released back in 2012, has managed to compete favorably with the other Football games that are readily accessible on the Play Store. Real Football’s PVP World Arena mode allows you to create your own squad and compete against other players. Real Football makes up for its maybe lacking outstanding visuals by having only 31 MB in size!

  1. E football PES

Pro Evolution Soccer, often known as PES, has probably been Konami’s talisman for a very long period because it is regarded as the finest Football game of all time together with FIFA. PES is our top choice as a FIFA substitute because of its outstanding 3D graphics, online and offline play features, and abundance of licensed players to assemble your squad.

  1. Ultimate Football

Another fantastic option to FIFA Football that offers you a ton of engaging and addicting gaming stuff is Ultimate Football. The game allows you to create a squad and participate in three distinct game types, including Career, World Cup, and Friendly, despite the absence of licensed players. This may be your best option if you’re a casual gamer seeking a simple football game.

  1. Score! Hero

Now, technically, you win! Hero doesn’t quite provide you with the same level of football action as the other games on this list. Instead, it enables you to shoot and score goals from challenging and original settings with simply a flick of the finger. One may play it for hours on end without getting tired thanks to the game’s inventive barebones principles and basic enough controls. One of my personal favorites.

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