Director and writer, Amar Khan has finally opened up about her struggles at home. The 34-year-old actress confesses that her father is unsupportive and against a career in acting. Amar Khan ventured into short films while studying filmmaking at university. In 2018, Khan landed the role of Neelofur, in the horror series Bellapur Ki Dayan. The show aired weekly and had 20 episodes.

Amar khan in bellapur ki dayan
Amar Khan in Bellapur Ki Dayan

On Frieha Altaf’s podcast, Khan opened up about her parents’ unfortunate separation and her troubled relationship with her father. She told,

“My father is not supporting me currently.”

Have a look at the podcast:

Amar Khan ‘s Relationship With Her Parents

She went on to discuss how she always had a formal relationship with her father. When he got the news of her joining this industry, he simply drafted up a long email. The email seemed to have quoted,

“You know you’re entering your mother’s show business profession and I don’t want you to inadvertently bring shame to the family. ”

Khan gave insight into her childhood. She shared how her mother always encouraged her to be cordial with her father and looked for ways they could break the ice. However, Khan shrugged, saying that never happened and we don’t speak now.

Regardless, Amar wishes her father and his family well. The television actress elaborated that she holds no grudges nor any hard feelings. The host, Frieha Altaf, herself is a Pakistani actress and a former model. She seemed to console Amar, explaining that as a woman in the same field as her, it’s no secret that many find it shameful.

She addresses an important matter, a difference of opinion. Frieha said that though there is still shame around this field of work, some people are just “stuck” and can’t understand.

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