If you’re one of the “many millions” in the queue for the new Bing, maybe you won’t have to wait long. According to a tweet from Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi, the new Bing will be available to “millions of people” in the coming weeks.

Microsoft has unveiled the new Bing on the web and in its Edge browser, which is driven by a next-generation OpenAI GPT model and Microsoft’s own Prometheus model. Microsoft has moved ahead of Google in bringing this type of search experience to the masses, though the competition is expected to ramp up in the coming months. We’ve now had the opportunity to test the new Bing, and as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated at his press conference, “it’s a new day for search.”

if you are one of the fortunate few who have gained access, you may find yourself dedicating as much time to presenting it with random prompts, judging its proficiency, and attempting to provoke a malfunction as you do to really searching for relevant information. We’ve seen Bing assist users to identify the greatest coffee shops in Seattle and offer them a very good plan for a three-day weekend in NYC during the last week.

There is still room for improvement

However, when conducting another random search for the top restaurants in the neighborhood, it refused to show more than the ten it had previously provided, after which Google came to the rescue.

This is somewhat uneven, as Bing appears to forget that this new experience exists, especially for some recipe queries, which the company emphasized in its demos (“give me a recipe for banana bread”). You can still enjoy the new AI experience by switching to the chat view, although it might be perplexing to get it for one inquiry but not another. It’s also unclear when the new AI experience will appear on the sidebar. While the new Bing experience isn’t required for all searches, I believe people will now expect to see it every time they search.

Bing’s problematic answers

The findings are mostly positive, but in early testing, it was still too simple to persuade Bing to produce inappropriate replies. You need to offer Bing some difficult inquiries from AI researchers who tested them in ChatGPT, and Bing will gladly answer most of them – at least to a degree.

Source: TC

Bing’s chat tool, like ChatGPT, isn’t always 100% correct. You’ll soon discover minor errors. When I inquired about TechCrunch podcasts, it mentioned our Actuator newsletter. This newsletter does not have a podcast version.

When asked about more specific issues, such as the requirements for nighttime visual flying as a solo pilot, the answers might be ambiguous, in part because the model attempts to be so talkative. It wants to tell you all it knows — including irrelevant information — here, as it does so frequently. In this situation, it informs you the daytime regulations before teaching you the nighttime restrictions but doesn’t make that all that apparent.

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