Mevris has approached the home automation technology with full zeal and zest, ever since its inception. In the past, Mevris along with Orient was the first manufacturer that introduced the concept of IoT in air conditioners with such a wide range of applications. From just an appliance, the air conditioner was made a companion for the user through multiple features like predictions, reports, multiple controls and so much more.

With the same idea but a revolutionized design, Mevris has now introduced Smart Switches in Pakistan. Our quest is to lead consumers towards a smarter Pakistan while maintaining our focus on the feasibility and the productivity of the starter smart home.

What is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things is the idea of creating a home or a place where everything is connected through the internet. This practice makes normally dumb devices ‘smart’ and intelligent, letting you gain maximum control over their operation. If you’ve ever been fascinated by the science fiction movies where all the devices talk to the humans and interact through voice, smart homes are turning those very ideas into reality.

The whole system and network of devices, in a smart home, will be controlled through Mevris which will make it one of the very few systems with a cross-platform support.

The CEO of BlueEast, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat said,

“We are entering into an era of IoT. In the next five years, these devices will be the norm. What we are doing right now is appealing to the early adopters and introducing the devices and their used to the everyday consumer who has always dreamed of just such a possibility.”

What are the Uses of Smart Switches?

There are a number of awesome things that you can do with a smart switch. Have you ever wished that your devices would do the thinking for you? Smart switches by Mevris are making this a reality.

  • Take the Worry of Fluctuations Out of Your Life

Living in Pakistan, we all know how common fluctuations in the electricity voltage are. All of us have had burned chargers, TV’s and capacitors due to fluctuations. Now, you don’t need to rush to shut down everything when you feel the light blinking due to fluctuations. Mevris switches come with wide operating voltage, making sure that all your appliances are safe all the time.

  • Mobile Controls

Whether it is elderly people, disabled or even if you’re just looking to have all the controls in the palm of your hand, Mevris has got you covered! Never leave your comfortable bed or worry about forgetting to turn off lights once you’ve already left home. You can turn on/off appliances through the Mevris application or even use your social media applications to chat and control your switches and appliances.

  • Waterproof and Antifouling Switch Surface

There are no unexpected shocks as the switch’s surface protects both the switch and you from damage due to elements as well as water. There is no need to be extremely cautious as you operate your switch through the mechanically tactile buttons.

  • Record Everything Through the Timeline

Any changes made to the switch show up as updates on the Mevris app’s timeline with the action and the time period. There is no forgetting when you turned something on or when you’re supposed to turn it off as the smart switches are handling all the confusions for you!

These are just some of the uses of the Mevris smart switches as well as our vision of where and how we want to see a smarter Pakistan in the immediate future! For more information and updates please visit Mevris switches official store.


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