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Man-made issues do not just include global warming. A number of wildlife species are becoming extinct. It is either because we have been hunting them or because we hijacked their habitat and they just faded away. MasterCard has taken the initiative to remind people about this wildlife extinction.

Campaign by MasterCard

MasterCard got into partnership with Conservation International. As part of this partnership, the brand will roll out Impact Gift cards. These cards allow users to donate for wildlife preservation. The best part about these cards that urges you to donate is the visuals. On the card, you will find the picture of the dying specie and the expiry date of the card is when that certain specie is expected to go extinct. The ad campaign was curated by McCann.

Talk about bringing a somber tone!

By doing this donation drive, Conservation International will be preserving habitat that is home to numerous critically endangered species.

Wildlife habitat

Through this campaign, the brand is taking on the issue of habitat loss. They want to bring people’s attention to this matter alongside actively saving the habitat. This work just might be able to save some of the 1 million animal and plant species about to become extinct. As a result, at least some of the biodiversity may remain intact.

For now, the species they are addressing through this Wildlife Impact Card program are Sunda Pangolin, African Forest Elephant, Peruvian Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey, and the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur.

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Brands recently have started to play their part in saving the environment. You must have come across Coca-Cola’sinitiative of cleaning up the ocean. In partnership with an NGO, they are collecting the plastic waste from the ocean and recycling it as well. Hopefully, this initiative will be able to make the habitat of marine life livable once again.

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