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Alizeh Shah is someone who remains in the spotlight for controversial reasons. Be it the breakup with Noaman Sami or her dressing in a certain music video, she attracted quite some backlash. For some reason, the Pakistani audience has also decided to make her the focus of every possible issue. This is the only possible explanation for why Alizeh Shah’s look is trending after the Hum Style Awards of this year.

Hum Style Awards

Even though there were many celebrities shamelessly copying Hollywood and Bollywood stars on the day, Alizeh Shah got the most attention. It could be because of her drastically changing figure or the non-aligning personality of her real self with the characters she plays, Pakistanis are not able to accept her, it seems. Hence, leaving aside Urwa Hocane, Nausheen Shah, even Sonya Hussyn, they only targetted Alizeh for wearing a dress they labelled as revealing.

Memes target Alizeh Shah

Ever since the red carpet video emerged where Alizeh was flaunting her dress and waving her arm, people couldn’t digest it. And as Pakistani are known best for, they started trolling her and criticizing her with memes.

Of course, since Pakistanis’ meme game is on point, the jokes are funny and relatable but they must be hurtful to the person in question. But let’s take a look at some of those memes. The best one yet was where Alizeh Shah is in one of her characters praying so she is all covered. And the second one is from the Hum Style Awards. The memers describe it as the first semester and last semester dressing.

Well, we are all witnesses to that, I am not gonna lie.

Do they mean the duck was the masterpiece? Ouch.

While the only thing the Pakistanis can think of in such situations is editing a hijab on the revealing dresses, but this was not their best works. The one they did for Saba Qamar on her birthday was better. But oh well, it fits the purpose.

Of course, the men have to roast their eyes and look at every celebrity but then they also get on their tasbih to show how pious they are.

The editors got on to Alizeh Shah’s case once again and edited it to give it a masculine touch.

The point of it all is that they wanted to troll the girl and they did even if they weren’t as funny as they wanted to sound.

Hopefully, with time Alizeh Shah will find her person and be able to own how she wants to show herself. Until then, let’s hope Pakistanis will give her some breathing space.

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