Alien Or Ghost – Netizens Confused About This Rare Creature

alien or ghost
Image Source: BBC

Are you a fan of Hollywood movies? More specifically, are you a fan of movies featuring supernatural concepts; aliens or ghosts? If you are and you have always wondered why is it that be it an alien or ghost, they all arrive in the US, then this news is for you. According to recent news, they have finally found their way to the rest of the world.

Interested now, are you?

Strange video captured

In Jharkhand India, a video was captured. When you are on the ground, you are able to see for yourself if something is weird or not, and the nighttime already restricted view. But people couldn’t believe their eyes; what they were seeing. They would stop, go near and like the cameraman, make videos. The people saw a creature walking in the middle of the road. And yes, I mean, a creature because it is still unclear what that thing was.

alien or ghost
Image Source: ARY

Alien or ghost?

The creature was extremely slender and also tall. Of course, by calling it slender I am not stereotyping against thin people. But the point is that even when you are thin when you wear clothes, it adds substance to your figure from the eyes of the viewer. And you would not go out naked, would you?

So what if it was a ghost?

Plus, the way the creature walked. It walked straight, and to avoid the traffic, it would completely turn sideways. This gave a computer game vibe. It will be easier to understand if you just saw the video.

It could also be a ghost too. If you would recall, just a few days ago, a body was thrown in the river. What if not cremating got him angry? Food for thought!

Jokes aside, there are many serious issues that could have resulted in this.

What if it was someone who was being abused through malnourishment? Or what if someone who was not mentally stable and he/she walked out into the night? We are not even clear if they are wearing clothes or not. Authorities should definitely look into the matter. And inform us if they find out Terminator is in play!

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