Organizes Karachi Seller Summit
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Pakistan – Thursday, 15 September 2022 – a global platform for B2B e-commerce successfully concluded its first event in Karachi. The event emphasized on the multiple opportunities for exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and retailers in Karachi to reach the digital B2B buyer base. With over 700+ registrations for the event more than 200 attendees visited the venue (Marriott Hotel, Karachi) to witness the session and 100+ people joined online.

The main agenda of this summit was to make local manufacturers & businesses aware of the export e-commerce

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Image Source: Cosmo Sourcing

space and educate them regarding the capability of online export business through Karachi seller summit event themed “Go Export with” was attended by Mr. Song, Country Head of Pakistan, Miss Amy Li, Apparel Category expert at, Mr. Haider Zamin, Dy. Director at TDAP, Mr. Rizwan Ahmad, Owner of Noor Fabrics Pvt Ltd and, many other Association Members.

Talking about the session, the Head of Pakistan Mr. Song Song said, “Pakistan is one of’s most important supplier markets given its geographical advantage, skilled labor force and budding entrepreneurial SMEs looking to export. In spite of our progress in Pakistan, there is still room for more high-quality suppliers to start their export journey beyond Sialkot and including Karachi. We encourage you to grow beyond your home market and get discovered by more than 40 million strong global online buyer community on

As an increasing number of global buyers are turning online to fulfil their sourcing needs, and suppliers around the world are also expanding into the online realm, now is the time for our friends in Karachi to seriously consider the online business path as well. Let’s make the world smaller and your business bigger together.”

In collaboration with, the Deputy Director of TDAP Haider Zamin made a public statement, “Through collaboration with, we look forward to draft a holistic export policy that noy only promotes the export industry but also ensures collective good with our local as well as international stakeholders. The trade and development authority of Pakistan is grateful to for providing local producers with a targeted niche in the competitive global digital market that will ultimately benefit the producer, exporter and consumer. Through this joint venture with, e-commerce industry is to be embraced as the untapped market in Pakistan that will foster the export culture in digital space and will eventually increase the foreign investment inflow across the region.”