Ali Zafar, the renowned Pakistani singer known for his hit songs, recently released a romantic track titled “Yaar Di Akh.” Ali Zafar is one of the few Pakistani stars who made it to Bollywood and even co-starred with Katrina Kaif.

Currently, his new song quickly caught the attention of fans and has already crossed 1.8 million views. Directed and produced by Ali Zafar himself, the video features the stunning model, Aneesa Sheikh. The song was composed by Hassan Badshah and all the music production credits go to Ali Zafar and Ali Mustafa.

Here is a link to Ali Zafar’s new song, and music video:

Ali Zafar Faces Crticism over New Music Video

The song has received backlash over the contrast in attire between Ali and the starring model. Where Ali is seen in a trench coat, Aneesa Sheikh has been described by netizens as wearing a revealing dress. Moreover, viewers have critiqued the portrayal of gender roles and the attire choices in the video. One viewer pointed out that they perceived this as the objectification of women.

Later, responding to the backlash, Zafar explained that the shooting locations for the model and himself differed due to varying weather conditions. He described the concept behind the video, stating that it intended to depict distance. However, despite his explanation, the debate among viewers continued, with mixed reactions surfacing online.

Here are the interactions:

Ali Zafar Comments

Netizens questioned why Ali Zafar was not in beach clothes, not just why the model was in them. Keeping it light and funny, Ali Zafar responded with, “Dad bod ka kisi neh kia karna hai?” He hilariously counter-questioned the critique. Which is perhaps the best strategy to deal with criticism.

It’ll be no surprise if some other controversy is sparked over yet another issue, although Ali Zafar’s replies have put somewhat of a full-on critique, Regardless of controversies, Ali Zafar’s music remains captivating, and Yaar Di Akh is no exception.

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