ali zafar fan proposal
Image Source: Dawn

Ali Zafar is coming in people’s dreams as their husband and being proposed to. It’s the funniest (and most relatable) thing to come across!

Question and Answer Session Turned into Proposal

Ali Zafar tweeted to his fans to have a question and answer session. A fan named Cynthia R. Sitara did not beat around the bush. She had one question to ask and she popped it!

Bhai’s Response?

Ali Zafar’s response was extremely characteristic of him: hilarious and direct! He had to turn down his fan but he did it with a sprinkle of humour because we hope you understand!

Bhai (Har Jagah) Hazir Hai?

A Portuguese fan of Ali Zafar apparently dozed off for only 15 minutes and ended up dreaming the most hilarious of events. In her dream, she was married to none other than Ali Zafar and envisioned herself as his wife.

She, surprised and amused, took to Twitter to let the star know what effect he has on people. It seems her lucky stars were all coming in order because the real Ali Zafar – not the dream one – also noticed her!

Not Too Happy With The Translation!

When fans saw the translation of the girl’s tweet, hilarity ensued. Many started joking about how they had either been in the same position or would love to be in one.

Another fan shared the translation with Zafar after he asked for the “tarjuma”. 

Fans’ Reaction

Zafar is known to interact and engage with his fans routinely on his social media profiles. This engagement was particularly funny and so, many fans hopped on board to have a good laugh. Here’s how people were reacting.

Why Engaging With Fans Is Important

All celebrities also adopt a different persona on social media. Some are just as open and carefree while others lead a posed life to be it in terms of posting or interacting.

However, it has generally been noticed that those celebrities who interact with their fans have a higher engagement. Their fans follow them and engage with them more in the chances of being noticed.

The benefit of that? More brands want to endorse that celebrity then. Greater engagement means greater audience and reach which means more partnerships. Hence, if you ever become a celebrity, don’t forget to chat with your fans!

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