Ali Zafar reacts to Meesha Shafi
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There are quite a lot of scandals and news that erupted in social media every day. They can be often seen between celebrities and even between a celebrity and a fan. There are some actors and actresses who are known to not treat their fans nicely. Then there are examples like Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, and Emilia Clarke, who treat their fans like royalty. Of course, it is because of the fans that the personality has seen a rise in their careers.

It is crucial to them that their people support them. Similarly, there have been clashes between celebrities as well as allegations. Some have turned out to be true, others have been redeemed as false. The absolute truth is what the involved parties know and the twisted version is what is sometimes displayed.

One such case that has been going on for a while is the Harassment allegation against Ali Zafar. After Meesha Shafi came forward, some more women followed suit. Now, Ali Zafar has tweeted in response to an Alleged Exposure of Meesha Shafi.

The Two Sides

It is of utmost vital for an authority to evaluate both sides of the coin. Meesha Shafi came forward with an allegation. The authorities involved, the investigators, have no reason to question the victim’s motives or reasons. In law enforcement, it is taught that, whatever the victim is telling you, you have to treat it as the truth. Not believing the victim, first and foremost, is a hint towards a botched investigation.

Then, this whole event became quite viral due to outrage from both sides. Ali Zafar fans claimed he was innocent and referred to the other side with some unsanitary remarks. Meesha Shafi’s fans claimed she really was a victim in this. The ‘Me Too’ term was also used during this time.

Alleged Exposure

From a video released by ‘Pakistan Observer’, they state that proof has come forward about some illegal ongoings. The video says that Meesha Shafi’s lawyer, Nighat Dad, has been involved in doing some allegedly illegal work under cover of the organization that stands with ‘Me Too’. The #metoo movement has a solid standing because it stands up for the right thing.

Ali Zafar has responded to this news, as you can see above. He states ‘Unbelievable’ and follows that by the use of the ‘Me Too’ hashtag. Now, one can say that this is a misuse of the hashtag because the context that’s being used in is not what it was meant to be used in. There are a lot of murky waters surrounding this case, but the truth cannot stay hidden.

Pursuit Of The Truth

The involved parties know who is at fault in this entire case. It is advised to you not wholly adhere to an opinion unless you know both sides of the story. If an organization has been allegedly exposed, it does not mean that the initial allegation is wrong. These are two separate incidents.

That said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and is allowed a voice. It is urged that you make the best possible decision with the resources you have. Taking no sides only helps the oppressor!

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