Ali Xeeshan
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Ali Xeeshan has been known to speak up about social issues through his work, especially about the issue of child marriages. Last time, he made waves when he teamed up with BBDO’s Ali Rez in a fashion show. As the show stopper, they sent out a girl in decorated uniform to represent how little girls who should be going to school get married off.

Ali Xeeshan – statement on child marriages and dowry

This time, the designer made yet another statement at the Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week through the collection, Numaish, collaborating with UN Women. Alongside Hasnain Lehri, dressed as the groom, he sent a child bride who wore a very heavy and fancy bridal dress and was dragging along a cart laden with the dowry. She could barely walk in the dress, let alone pull the cart along.

While the audience was quiet, the background played a desi wedding song.

Have a look:

This move sparked a conversation on Twitter, and ever since then, the hashtag #SayNoToDowry has been trending.


Numerous people have come forward to give their opinions on how this is a practice that is neither endorsed in the religion we follow here nor should we sold our daughters off.

While we talk about how this is a negativity that we should not endorse, this practice has seeped deep into our minds. It is so inherent that the bride’s family assumes they would be ashamed if they were not to give dowry. They have to be very cautious of not just the groom’s family and how they would treat the daughter if they do not get their hands on the dowry but also of the guests invited.

It will take lots of time to get to the stage where we don’t think like that. But it is such creative and thought-provoking works by designers like Ali Xeeshan working with UN women that can lead to a positive change in our society.

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