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Ali Noor, a famous singer, was part of the band Noori that formed in 1996. He has achieved quite many landmarks in his extensive music career. The millennials still love their favorite Ali Noor, and they like to see more of him; they want to know more about him. And thus he was called on a show. Now, this show has its importance in Pakistan. The host of the show, Samina Peerzada, has been entirely in the meme game for this show. Her famous questions include ‘Kabhi darakht pe charhe ho’ (have you ever climbed trees?).

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Now it was Sameena and Ali Noor opposite each other, having a candid conversation. Amidst the conversation, the talk of values and marriages came up. Ali Noor took this opportunity to explain how he does not believe in the idea of marriage. Sameena asked Noor, then how come he got married? Upon that, Ali Noor put it on society. He said that if you have to live with the person you love and legitimize it in front of the whole society, that is the only reason for marriage.

It is all society

Further elaborating on how he would be when he becomes part of the society and his children are ready to get married, he stood by his point. He says that he would not ever put them in a position to marry for society at least. Well, his kids are still young and not looking to get married anytime soon, not that we know of, at least. And who knows if he will be like other brown parents who change their opinion when the time comes.

Pakistanis were utterly shocked at this statement. They couldn’t fathom what they were hearing from their favorite singer. And for Pakistani fans, no matter how much they love their favorite celeb’s talent, religion somehow takes the lead. If what they say does not correspond to their interpretation of faith, they get awkward and at times call off their love for the star. This lasts until they forget the controversial statement made and re-follow the star.

So, for now, they are really not in the mood to listen to Ali Noor. But here is the thing, that the stature Ali Noor had when he gave his comment on the notion of marriage, he did not look like he would budge. He was completely satisfied, and at peace with what he believed right, so it will be the fans who will have to come around and accept him as he is.

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