Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi's on-screen chemistry has been particularly notable, leaving fans eager to know

Umro Ayyar has been making waves in the cinematic world, with audiences praising the film’s captivating storyline and outstanding performances. Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi’s on-screen chemistry has been particularly notable, leaving fans eager to know more about their experience working together.

As Eid al-Adha celebrations unfolded on June 17th, 2024, movie enthusiasts eagerly flocked to cinemas to catch the latest release, “Umro Ayyar”, starring Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi. The dynamic duo recently sat down with Fuchsia Magazine for an exclusive interview, sharing insights into their shooting experience and a side-splitting on-set story that left us in stitches.

During the interview, the host asked the pair to share a lighthearted moment from their time on set. Ali Kazmi joyfully shared, excitedly remembering a hilarious incident with the entire crew. “I was listening to high-volume rap music while walking back to the set,” he began, “and I got so engrossed that I unknowingly entered the wrong house!”

The actor continued, “I walked to the second floor before realizing my mistake. I saw a stranger sitting with his daughter, teaching her something. I awkwardly said hello and quickly made my exit, despite their recognition and offer of tea.” Sanam Saeed couldn’t help but chuckle at her co-star’s misadventure, adding, “We had our fair share of laughs on set, but this takes the cake!”

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Their gossip and friendship were palpable throughout the interview, reflecting the undeniable chemistry that translates onto the big screen. “Umro Ayyar” is now playing in cinemas, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Don’t miss out on this cinematic treat.

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