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June 5, 2020:  Pakistan’s famous TikTok stars were asked to spread awareness of the coronavirus pandemic with the help of their platform by Governor of Punjab.

Just recently, the stars were invited to Governor House in Punjab. The meetup was organized by the governor’s team to create awareness about the virus among the general public.

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Sehar Hayat, Warda Javaid, Kanwal Aftab, Daniyal Sohail, and many others from the TikTok community were also a part of the grand event held in the Governor House.

Governor of Punjab’s wife chaired the meeting and guided the social media influencers about the campaign.

If done right, it is a smart approach to reach the general public; Twitter users heavily criticized the decision.

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June 2, 2020: The Secondary Healthcare Department and Punjab Primary sent an alarming summary to CM Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar. The review revealed that “no workplace and residential area of any town is disease-free” in Lahore.

The total coronavirus cases in the city of Lahore are estimated to be 700,000.

The mentioned summary was dated May 15, signed by Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Secretary, Muhammad Usman, which advises the CM Punjab to enforce a complete lockdown as soon as possible for “at least four weeks.”

The summary says, “a smart lockdown would not work since all areas of the city had been impacted by the disease, adding that asymptomatic cases became the main source of infection and local transmission” in the metropolis.

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The summary recommended, “Any subsequent decision of lifting, relaxing, or doing away with lockdown measures should be taken after reviewing the results of smart sampling conducted with regular intervals till the final tapering down of the virus.”

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The summary listed the results of a “smart sampling project” to “detect and determine the spread of Covid-19 and to structure and guide [the department’s] response towards its containment”.

Randomized targeted sampling (RTS) and smart sampling (SS) were carried out by the departments. The results suggest that the former was to determine the prevalence of the disease in occupational sectors that were fully functional during the lockdown, while the latter was to understand how the virus may have had spread in the community.

After relevant exercises, the summary estimated that Lahore has around 670,800 coronavirus cases with a total population of 11 million +.

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However, as of June 1, Punjab has officially only reported 26,240 infections and 497 deaths due to the virus.

The data that was analyzed was derived from multiple workplaces, residential areas, and hotspots that demonstrated “a worrisome picture of Covid-19 prevalence” in communities, with a 5.18pc infection rate for RTS and 6.01pc for SS.

“This means that no workplace and residential area of any town are disease-free and, as such, Lahore exhibits an alarmingly similar transmission pattern.”

“These cases being asymptomatic could not be reported to health facilities, but became the main source of infection and local transmission,” the report said.

“The wise town breakdown shows a value of more than three percent for all towns — except Wagha Town — and ranges between 2.11pc and 9.33pc.”

It is notable to mention that people over 50 years of age are the most vulnerable and are affected by respiratory illness, as highlighted in the international research literature.

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