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In response to recent developments, Aitchison College in Lahore has implemented a 50% fee waiver for students availing reservation of seats during leave or absence. This decision comes after Federal Minister Ahad Cheema declined the fee waiver facility for his children, prompting significant reactions within the institution.

Policy Amendment

Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman, acting as the President of the Board of Governors (BoG) of Aitchison College, ordered the waiver of fees for the sons of Federal Minister Ahad Cheema on a representation filed by Ms. Saima Ahad Cheema. This move started a wave of strong reactions, leading to the resignation of college principal Michael A Thomson in protest.

Aitchison College Principal Resigns Over Minister's Sons' Fee Waiver
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The amendment to the fee waiver policy aims to address concerns raised by various stakeholders regarding fairness and transparency in the allocation of benefits. By granting a 50% fee waiver for students on leave or absence, Aitchison College seeks to uphold principles of equity and inclusivity within its educational framework.

Governance Concerns

As the institution navigates through this period of controversy and transition, it remains committed to providing an environment of integrity and accountability for it’s students and staff. The implementation of the fee waiver is a step towards addressing governance concerns and reaffirming the college’s dedication to providing equal opportunities for all students.

President Alvi appoints Ahad Cheema as adviser to the PM on establishment
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Moving forward, Aitchison College aims to uphold its legacy of academic excellence while ensuring that policies and decisions align with the values of fairness and justice. By actively engaging with stakeholders and promoting open dialogue.

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