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Aitchison College, Lahore’s esteemed institution, recently witnessed a significant shake-up as its principal, Michael A. Thompson, decided to call it quits. And the reason? Well, it seems the Governor House was meddling a bit too much in the school’s affairs.

Governor’s Favoritism

Thompson didn’t mince his words, describing the interference from the Governor House as “unwarranted” and “brazen directives”. In his resignation letter, he didn’t point fingers directly but hinted at the hullabaloo caused by Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman’s decision to waive the tuition fees for the offspring of Minister for Economic Affairs and Establishment, Ahad Cheema. Now, that’s a bold move, especially when it raises eyebrows over favoritism.

Principal of Lahore's Aitchison College resigns citing 'unwarranted interference' by Governor House - Pakistan - DAWN.COM
Source: Dawn

Turns out Cheema’s kids hadn’t even been gracing the halls of Aitchison for the past three years! It’s like trying to get a refund for a movie you never watched. The information minister had to clarify this twist in the tale during a press conference, stating that if you’re not studying, you shouldn’t be paying. Fair point, Minister Tarar.

Integrity Amidst Chaos

Thompson, in his heartfelt letter to the college staff, expressed disappointment over the “blatant policy manufacturing” just to accommodate a few privileged individuals. He stood firm, stating that politics and nepotism have no business infiltrating the sacred grounds of education. Thompson has also received praised for championing integrity amidst chaos.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Thompson, though. Back in 2018, he entertained the idea of bidding adieu to Aitchison due to pressure from political bigwigs after disciplining some rowdy students. Talk about keeping the principal’s office spicy.

Cheema’s Defense

And let’s not forget the visa fiasco. The government allegedly revoked Thompson’s visa because he refused admission to a well-connected kin however Thompson stood his ground, proving he’s not one to be swayed by political winds.

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Ahad Cheema, on the other hand, defended the Governor House’s actions, claiming it was all part of a “general policy”, but when it smells like preferential treatment, it’s hard to pass it off as perfume.

Maybe it would be mutually beneficial for everyone if we could keep politics out of the classroom and uphold the integrity of our educational institutions. And Thompson? He might be bidding farewell, but his legacy of standing up against injustice will echo through the corridors of Aitchison for years to come.

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