Aina Asif, a young Pakistani actress, has rapidly carved her path in the entertainment industry within just a couple of years. After making her initial mark with supporting roles and cameos in high-rated drama serials like “Hum Tum” and “Jannat Se Aagay,” this emerging talent recently debuted as a female lead in a cause-based drama.

The Mayi Ri star recently gave a candid glimpse into her life, showcasing the delicate balancing act between stardom and school life at the age of 15 on Imran Ashraf’s popular talk show “Mazaq Raat.”

Aina shared her strategy for maintaining her commitments, stating, “If a shoot extends too late, I opt to skip school the following day to catch up on sleep. This ensures I’m not sleep-deprived during the next day’s shoot. The closest I’ve come to a breakdown was when my hair was being pulled too much during a makeover on set.”

The conversation didn’t bypass her financial aspects, where Aina clarified some misconceptions about being a young star.

“I’ve just turned 15, so I don’t yet possess an ID card to collect payments. Therefore, my mother handles the financial matters related to my work,” Aina revealed during the show.

She also highlighted that her expenses haven’t changed drastically, except for a minor 5% increase in spending on skincare products or an occasional new phone. She still needs to ask for money, and anything deemed inappropriate will not be granted.

The lighthearted banter continued as the “Mazaq Raat” team playfully teased her for not missing school.

“Today, I’m in Lahore, but my school is in Karachi,” Aina explained, adding that, although some may think her childhood is being wasted, she strongly disagrees.

The young actor also opened up about the criticism she faces for the same roles that earned her praise.

“It was very challenging. We receive praise at one point and then face criticism. What people tend to forget is that, despite being actors, we also have feelings. We read those comments and begin to question ourselves. I never want to reach a point where I doubt my choices or feel that all my efforts were in vain.”

As the episode reached its conclusion, a spectator inquired about the controversial ending of her recent drama serial “Mayi Ri,” particularly why it concluded with a divorce rather than a different resolution.

“Child marriage is wrong. Annie and Fakhir were well-suited, but the timing wasn’t right for them,” Aina offered as her perspective.

Want to know more about the Aina Asif’s journey? Here’s the full episode!

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