Aiman and Muneeb Butt are one of those celebrity couples that manage to always stay in the news whether it is for something good or bad. Recently, the Aiman Minal Closet incident landed the two girls along with their husbands and brother in deep waters. Now it might not be their fault for the hate they have been getting.

Aiman Khan,  particularly, has been getting a lot of hate for her body and how she looks after marriage. Aiman and Muneeb Butt got married in 2018 and had their first daughter, Amal, in 2019. Ever since Aiman has left the industry temporarily to spend time with her daughter and husband but unfortunately, fans aren’t leaving her.

Image Source: The Current

Pakistani social media is very toxic and penalizing when it comes to body image and especially when actresses are the topic. Because Aiman Khan is not seen on tv so often, people can notice the slightest difference in her appearance and they have noticed that she is getting a little healthier day by day. Every time Aiman or Muneeb post something on the internet, fans start to show their curiosity in the comment section. Many even wonder if she’s expecting again.

Being curious is one thing but being intrusive and only noticing that and ignoring everything else is a little wrong. This is what has been happening with Aiman Khan recently. Many comments under her video interviews are about her weight gain. Is it really that difficult to accept something so simple? Honestly, this shouldn’t even be relevant in the first place.

This video of the couple celebrating Muneeb Butt’s birthday on set started to go viral right after the couple posted it. However, the video didn’t go viral because it was cute nor wholesome but because people wanted to comment about Aiman looking “fat”. Here are some of the thoughts that people had in mind.

This is not the first time such comments were seen for Aiman. As a matter of fact, many actresses have faced the same issue. On many occasions, actresses have been body shamed and even made fun of for their color, size, or shape. Is this really how Pakistani fans want to portray themselves?

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