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Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are globe trotters in their own right and it seems they have every bit of fun they can when they go abroad. Here’s an insight into their experience in Turkey as they interact with other tourists.

Making Pakistan Proud

The couple recently shared a video from their travels to Turkey in the past few months and it’s hilarious! The two are sitting at a tourist square with another couple and getting to know each other. It appears Muneeb Butt is making the video and his commentary makes the video even better.

From what we can see, Aiman Khan is showing the other tourist couple their Instagram accounts and proving that they are very famous in Pakistan. The most hilarious scene is when the other woman’s eyes widen when she sees Aiman Khan’s follower count.

The Video People Are Talking About:


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Aiman Khan’s Social Media

Aiman Khan was recently crowned as the most followed Pakistani female celebrity. She has over 8 million followers which are more than any other female celebrity has. Aiman Khan has also been criticized for garnering fake followers which she always denies.

aiman khan muneeb butt
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This is the day and age of social media hence, the follower count of celebrities holds a great deal of importance. If you hadn’t already heard, several notable names in India like Deepika Padukone and Badshah were served legal notices for having fake followers.


Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s travels are always shared with the public and have become the talk fo the town several times. The last time the netizens had a good laugh over the couple’s Turkey tour was over Muneeb Butt’s antics.


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Butt shared a picture with a cigar and captioned it saying “let’s try something new” or maybe fun which had many rolling on the floor. While many laughed over his antics, others also discouraged him over what he was promoting.


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Who’s Off To Turkey?

Turkey was the main destination of vacation for almost all Pakistanis this year. The destination gained popularity largely because of our love for Ertugrul and the fever remains strong.

Currently, Maria B is shooting her latest lawn collection in Turkey. On the other hand, Turkish actors, especially from the Ertugrul cast, have been visiting Pakistan left, right and centre. We’re sure this couple’s travelogues will inspire many others to follow into their footsteps and plan their next vacation there.

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