Aiman Khan hits back on a troll
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Aiman Khan and her husband recently celebrated their adorable daughter’s first birthday. The celebrations were loud, beautiful, and as celebratory as they should be! However, there’s trouble in paradise. Keep reading to find out who said what to who!

Aiman and Muneeb’s Daughter Turns One

Amal Muneeb turned one with a birthday bash that would be remembered for a long. The decor was fruity themed with lots of fruit decorations and bright colors. The couple shared the pictures with the public in which everyone’s having a ball. But personally, nothing beats Khala, smushing her niece’s face. How many times have we been through that?

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 Holier Than Thou Trolls

Alas, nothing can be done on social media without some trolls popping their heads out. This was a particular category of trolls that is most commonly found in Pakistan. The “Holier Than Thou” trolls who will always point out that you could be doing something better in whatever you’re doing. 

No one knows whether the commenter herself is the embodiment of a charitable person, and we also don’t know how much charity Amal gives— hence, no one has a right to comment.

A comment particularly struck Aiman Khan to which she replied. See their exchange here and decide for yourself who was wrong:


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The Entitlement To Comment

As we can see what all celebrities go through, it is evident that the public feels they are entitled to comment on the lives of celebrities. After all, they signed up for this. But news flash! No, that is not the case. Sure, Amal and Muneeb signed up for this, but their daughter did not. She’s merely a year old; why is she being dragged into this?

Regardless of that, no parent can ever hear anything negative regarding their child. When will the idea of “live and let live” come in not only us as a nation but also be promulgated on social media?

Aiman Khan was still more excellent than many would be. Kudos to her, and may they have more celebrations in life always!

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