Pakistani singer, Aima Baig, recently shut down trolls on social media who had made fun of her medical condition.

It all started with a carousel of pictures from her recent trip, coupled with some vibrant mirror selfies and glimpses of Aima Baig’s journey that she shared on Instagram, which, as she described, was riddled with chaotic moments, including her luggage going missing for two days, credit card troubles and sickness. Amid these snapshots, she donned a striking full-length bodycon dress, and in one of the pictures, a vivid red trench coat complementing her look for an outdoor shot.

Here’s the post:

However, what caught the attention of many in her audience was her middle finger, which appeared to be folded in all her mirror selfies. Unaware of the medical condition, some trolls wasted no time poking fun at it.

The comments section shortly became an awareness platform for an autoimmune disease, as the singer enlightened them about Rheumatoid Arthritis and her personal battle with this condition.

This isn’t the first time that Aima Baig has openly discussed her health challenges. She had previously candidly spoken about her experience with arthritis in a detailed interview with Shahveer Jaffery in April of this year.
Interestingly, Aima had been offered a role opposite Shahveer Jafry in ‘Barwaan Khiladi,’ but she had to withdraw at the last minute due to her health condition. She confided in producer Mahira Khan, who gracefully understood her situation.
Aima revealed that she had been battling arthritis, and her foot had swollen, causing her significant pain. She had to rely on a wheelchair for six months, and this struggle occurred while she was on tour, performing in Punjab. She admitted that she had not been comfortable sharing her condition with everyone and had kept it to herself. However, she sought treatment from a doctor in New York City, and now, she’s on the path to recovery and is doing well.

Here’s an interview where she discussed her condition:

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