Aima Baig in her recent appearance at a podcast channel shared details about not debuting in Barvaan Khiladi and the reason behind her triggering health condition.

Aima Baig Opens Up About Her Disease

In an interview hosted by the Honest Hour, Aima was a guest of Shahveer Jaffri and Sundas. The podcast which ran for almost two hours shared detailed insights into the life of Aima Baig and her ongoing health condition.

While talking about the reasons for turning down a movie Aima opened up about a disease she is suffering from. While talking about it Aima shared that at the time of recruitment, she has a massive flare-up to the point where she could not move without a wheelchair.

“Four years ago I was literally in a wheelchair for about 6 months and I was on a tour at that time as well. My feet size changed and my bones were majorly inflamed including my knees, my knuckles, and my joints. It got to a point where I could not even lift a glass with my hands. I was taking a chemotherapeutic medication. I was taking steroids every morning to be able to do things. It was quite major. Then I visited a doctor in Newyork where I got some injections and I finally could move without a wheelchair.”

Take a look at her detailed interview below.

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While talking about controversy Aima shared her thoughts about performing while amid controversy and how she deals with it.

“There was a time when I had a major scandal and the very next day I had an event in Karachi and everything was done by that time. I was very scared but then the Karachi people cheered me on.”

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