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If you think 2020 was weird and creepy, you would want to keep reading this article. Software by the name of “Deep Nostalgia” has gone viral, which has enabled people to bring historical figures and other people back to life through their pictures.

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“Deep Nostalgia” Bringing Back Historical Figures In Creepy Videos

Earlier this week, some videos of Tom Cruise went viral on TikTok. An account by the name of @DeepTomCruise posted multiple videos of Hollywood’s superstar. He could be seen performing some unusual activities, like performing magic, which he never indulged in.

The videos got millions of views and instantly got viral, leading to people identifying the videos as “Deep Fakes.”

What Is Deep Fakes And Does It Not Affect The Credibility Of Videos?

Deeps fakes are some images that are processed into an AI tool like “Deep Nostalgia,” which curates videos of the person that are not real. You can make people act in whatever way you want and make them say things they never said which is pretty alarming.

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In a world full of misinformation, there are concerns this technology might be used with malicious intent in the form of revenge pornography or ridiculous statements to sabotage a political figure’s reputation or affect someone’s personal life.

Bringing Historical Figures Back To Life Using “Deep Nostalgia”

Deep Nostalgia is one of the many tools that could be used to bring back people to life. The app went viral, and it enabled people to bring back dead public figures to life, especially those who have never been recorded in real since video cameras were a last century’s invention.

Abraham Lincoln Brought To Life

Bhagat Singh From The 1920s

Oscar Wilde From The 1880s

While there is a chance that this technology might be used negatively, many people used it to bring their loved ones back to life, which is even more heartwarming.

Twitter is having a field day with this new feature; however, many Potterheads were reminded of Harry Potter and The Prisoners Of Azakaban, where people in portraits are able to move within the frame.

What do you think about Deep Fakes? Are you excited about this new technology, or are you contemplating how wrong it could go? Should the public be able to use it so freely or not?

Let us know under the comments below.

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