Punjab installing security cameras in place
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When it comes to traffic, the number one priority for the state should be the safety of the citizen. It is important to note that a lot of work has been done recently towards a safer driving experience for the people of Pakistan. The Motorway has certainly seen its fair share of upgrades and now the Punjab City Safe authority has brought about a new change. In recent news, Punjab Safe City Authority has implemented cutting-edge AI software targeting motorcyclists without helmets, enhancing road safety measures.

Not only does this enhance road safety features for everyone else, it also makes the driver feel safer and more responsible for their actions on the road. Some of the worst known automotive disasters of the country have happened on these roads, especially the most recent one involving a case of underage driving.

ai based traffic cams in place on roads
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Punjab And New Cameras

Other than just the cameras installed, the Interim government in Punjab has also raised fines for helmet-less riders from Rs.200/- to Rs.2,000/- province-wide to curb violations effectively. This huge jump to such a hefty amount is sure to make motorcyclists think twice before going out to drive without a helmet.

Chief Traffic Officer Ammara Athar has urged intensified enforcement of traffic rules in the provincial capital, signaling a proactive approach towards safety. A Traffic police spokesperson reported over 16,000 fines issued to helmet-less motorcyclists, 264 penalties for underage driving, and 1,635 vehicles seized for emitting smoke during recent crackdown efforts. Here, we are curbing yet another environmental concern that is high-emission from vehicles that have not been subjected to regular maintenance.

A Good Initiative In Place

Recent initiatives include the launch of an online driving test service in Lahore, indicating a shift towards digitization in traffic management. This, coupled with AI-powered traffic cams that have detection features, and strict fines on various laws, are sure to push us in the right direction. Half the obstacles that people come across in Pakistan can be solved simply with regulating the traffic conditions with more efficiency.

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