Ahmed Ali Butt
Image Source: Brandsynario

Ahmed Ali Butt was invited to Ghabrana Mana Hai, a show hosted by Vasay Chaudhary. Even though it has been quite some time since that happened, Vasay posted a clip of it on his Insta stories last night which got our attention. It certainly sounded like an irresponsible statement to us, but you tell us what you think.

So let us lay it out for you what happened. 

The conversation was about how in current times, it seems that every other joke is offensive, and people mind it. So in response to that, Ahmed said that jokes are, at the end of the day, at someone’s expense. But since we comedians only want to make people laugh so the people whose expense we are making it should be more open-minded and accepting of it.


Just because your intention towards a specific group of people is positive, that does not negate the fact that you made a joke on another group of people.

What is a joke?

Looking at a joke’s actual definition, we found that it is a thing that causes amusement or laughter. So fitting in what Ahmed Ali Butt said, the jokes that he crack would mean a whole group being amused at another group. They find what other group experiences funny; it means that they are looking down on the other group.

A better way to make jokes is to say funny stories about the community you identify with, something you have experienced for yourself. Considering the comedian-actor has almost a million followers, he should be careful of what teachings he spreads.

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