Creamy Creations By HKR has taken over Instagram like a storm. Their first viral dish surprised everyone. A trendy twist on every Pakistani’s favorite dish, biryani. Making it all PINK down to the chicken and pairing it with a matching pink raita (yogurt) is an idea perhaps no one could ever have. However, that’s not where it ends. Recently, Heena Kausar, the chef and mastermind behind this innovation has come up with something new. Hulk Biryani! that’s right, it’s green. With a flavourful twist called Italian Tikka, this dish is surely going to blow your mind and food buds away.

Creamy Creations has become a highly viewed baking channel, generating almost 200k views. On Heena’s YouTube channel, you can find a thorough description of the courses offered.

Heena Kausar’s Cake Baking Academy and Workshop offers comprehensive cake-baking courses for both beginners and professionals in Mumbai. With online and offline training, students can learn a variety of techniques including baked and no-bake cheesecake, brownies, French desserts, Kunafa, Opera Cake, Kunafa, and Baklawa.”

Her first sensational dish, Barbie Biryani otherwise called Pink Biryani is not as sweet as it sounds. It’s just our regular favorite dish, made pink. We can see HKC academy students enjoy platefuls of the dish on Heena’s channel. Later, when she introduces yet another version, we see her share a plate with all her students.

Have a look:

Overlooked Hygiene

However, a highly concerning oversight has gone unnoticed. The pot containing “Hulk Biryani” seems to be covered with newspaper, a harmful practice that can cause serious health issues. Despite the excitement about this culinary invention, the use of inked paper is simply unhygienic. These papers contain chemicals that can seep into the food and pose significant risks.

It seems the possibilities of what can be added to biryani are endless. From pink food coloring to Italian flavouring we’re not sure of what to expect next.

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