Source: Daily Times

The coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world, due to the dire situation countries have locked down in order to stop the virus from spreading further. With the death toll rising, an air of depression and gloom hangs in the air and people are generally feeling quite anxious and lost.

Adnan Malik Starts A Twitter Trend #CoronaSilverLinings

To beat these gloomy and depressive feelings and to reflect on the positive outcomes, actor Adnan Malik has started off a trend on Twitter with the hashtag ‘CoronaSilverLinings’. He urges people to share the good things that came out from this time spent at home and due to this pandemic. He believes it is time to ‘slow down’ and ‘re-evaluate our choices.’

Given that we need reasons to be cheerful and that one definition of a corona, listed in the dictionary is a silver lining, this is a great effort made by Adnan Malik to cheer up his fans and add some positivity during this time.

Malik, shared his own reflections with his followers. Here’s what he tweets,


A lot of followers took to Twitter and followed Adnan’s trend #Coronasilverlinings to share some positivity with others!

Woah! Now isn’t this something?


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