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There’s no doubt about the fact that Pakistan is blessed with the utmost beauty. The beauty of Pakistan can’t be really defined because you would actually need to witness it yourself. From the gorgeous mountain tops, lush green hills to crystal clear lakes and rivers, Pakistan is truly blessed with the best!

Speaking of which, here’s what you need to add on to your bucket list! Adi Island. At Adi Islan, tourists can actually go kayaking in channels surrounded by three different species of mangroves and to add a cherry on top, also watch the dolphins!

Where is Adi Island located?

According to Samaa News, Adi Island in Balochistan is located three hours away from Karachi. The name Adi is given by the locals there. However, it is yet to get the tourists’ attention who look forward to such spots as it eco-friendly. A visitor would reach the island after a 20-minute boat ride from the Daam Beach, Balochistan to view the three species of mangroves.

Moreover, the island has a lot more to offer to its tourists. They have camping arrangements for overnight stays and can also watch dolphins swim on the island. What’s interesting is that these camps can accommodate up to 40 people at a time.

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Moreover, keeping in mind the environment, each visitor would also need to plant a mangrove sapling before leaving the island. How amazing is that?

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