As I cruised along Shahrah-e-Faisal, listening to nostalgic tunes from the nineties while only partially succeeding in blocking out the city hustle and bustle, all of my attention was immediately captured by the most unique billboard I had ever seen. It was advertising money transfer through Easypaisa in 3D. What made it mind-blowing in my eyes was the fact that the footage playing within the screens seemed even more than three-dimensional as the cubic screen itself.

Upon further inquisitive research, I found out about Easypaisa’s new campaign that has been built around a completely new concept in outdoor advertising – a 3D anamorphic display billboard. The display showed many different ways through which one can send money via the Easypaisa App, including transferring to mobile wallets, bank accounts, and even directly to CNICs. The same installation had been placed in Islamabad a few weeks back as well. Upon reaching out to the teams at Easypaisa for more information, they were kind enough to share some interesting statistics on the industry-first initiative.

The teams also shed light on their previous marketing campaigns that redefined creativity, while successfully establishing a deep connection with all audiences. Previous campaigns like Phatta Note, Eidipaisa and #UnitedByCricket among others, have all broken previous advertising and marketing records and won numerous local and international awards. Just last year, Easypaisa won five golds, one silver, and a bronze Effies in recognition of the company’s brilliant marketing campaigns.

The jaw-dropping visuals of the anamorphic display were created in colorful 3D animation displayed on a cubical billboard, playing on all sides.

An anamorphic display uses 3D animations, mixed with depth and perceptual illusion to create an immersive experience that brings visuals to life. These billboards were installed at Shahrah e Faisal, Karachi and Faizabad Interchange, Islamabad for promoting Easypaisa’s fer-fer campaign.

The campaign achieved a tremendous total outreach of more than 3.76 million, out of which half a million consisted of on-ground interception and 100,000 television impressions. Social media outreach exceeded 1.9 million impressions, solidifying the brand’s place at the forefront of innovation. Digital media outreach included a total of 145,000 publication views, 997,000 Twitter impressions, and 15,000 comments across social media channels.

To watch the revolutionary advertising campaign, click the link below: