moomal khalid

Moomal Khalid is a Pakistani TV actress and model. She has since appeared in multiple TV series and movies, “Tu Mera Chand”. Her popular TV series have been, Meray Humnasheen (2022), Rang Laaga (2015), Bechari Qudsia (2021), and Tawaan (2018 – 2019).

Moomal Khalid Embraces Religion

Since the birth of her beautiful daughter, Moomal Khalid has begun wearing a headscarf. She has, since giving birth, joined a spiritual journey and is finding herself closer to God.

Since embarking on this spiritual journey, Moomal has declared that she will be quitting the showbiz industry. After fans suspected something of the sort on its way, they questioned her to which she replied, “No”. Regardless of the disappointment, Moomal’s fans have been very supportive of this news. They have been ending their graces and blessing to both Moomal and her newborn daughter. Netizens have been very supportive of her journey.

This Pakistani actress has been spotted wearing a headscarf. After this drastic change in her lifestyle, Khalid has now been sharing inspiring, and helpful religious quotes. Though many have accused her of being extreme which she said, unfortunately in today’s society being haram is so normalised that being religious is considered extreme.

Later in 2017, Moomal married Usman Tapal. She is currently a mom of two.
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