Actor Nauman Ijaz Opens Up About His Son's Entry into Showbiz

Renowned Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz has shared his thoughts on the entertainment industry and his personal experiences in a candid interview on Meer Means Business. With a career spanning decades, Nauman Ijaz has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional performances and transforming ordinary stories into extraordinary ones. However, he has expressed concerns about the younger generation’s approach to the industry, prioritizing shortcuts over hard work.

Nauman Ijaz disclosed that he never wanted his son, Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz, to follow in his footsteps and become an actor. Despite Zaviyar’s recent success, Nauman shared “I never wanted my son to become an actor. It was written in his fate otherwise. I never took my sons to any set I was working on and never invited over any artists to my house,” This decision was rooted in his desire to shield them from the challenges and uncertainties of the acting industry.

Nauman emphasized the difficulties of surviving in the industry, stating, “Surviving here is difficult.” He highlighted the struggles actors face in maintaining a stable career, which influenced his initial reluctance to see Zaviyar pursue acting. However, Zaviyar has made a promising start, delivering strong performances and making wise script choices. As he continues to build his career, he has the guidance and experience of his father to draw upon, even if it wasn’t part of Nauman’s original plan.

Despite his reservations, Nauman Ijaz leads a normal life at home, handling household chores and handyman tasks, which contrasts sharply with the glamour of the acting world. This dichotomy underscores the challenges of balancing personal and professional life in the entertainment industry.

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