Achraf Hakimi is a Paris Saint-Germain defender who has appeared in the vast majority of the club’s Ligue 1 matches from early 2022 to 2023. He is originally from Morocco and has played for the Moroccan national team as well. He mainly plays as a right-back but can play be deployed in the left-back and winger positions. Hakimi was founded through Real Madrid’s youth academy and now just at the age of 24, he is one of the most popular footballers from Morroco.

Recently, he was caught amidst a huge controversy involving his wife. He got married to Hiba Abouk who is a Spanish actress and model. The couple then had two sons, Amin and Naim. Hiba had filed for divorce in a court in Paris after her husband was accused of attempting to rape a 24-year-old woman. Hakimi, however, pleaded not guilty but his wife chose to not believe him and filed for a divorce.

Image Source: Morocco World News

The Divorce

News says that the incident allegedly took place when the player’s wife was in Dubai with her two kids and Hakimi proved to be unfaithful behind Hiba’s back. Hakimi has a reported net worth of about $24 million but most of it apparently goes directly to his mother.  This news was as much of a surprise to his wife as it was to Hakimi’s fans. So, ultimately, Hiba lost the case and later found out that everything she thought her husband owned actually belonged to his mother.

Further Details 

Reportedly, Achraf Hakimi owns nothing even his PSG salary has been registered under his mother’s name. Hiba was left stunned after hearing that all her cars, jewelry, and properties have also been registered under Hakimi’s mother’s name.

Image Source: Kaya 959

Because Hakimi doesn’t own anything, literally! Many fans on social media are wondering what will happen next in the couple’s case. Will he be given half of Hiba’s money? It’s unbelievable if Hakimi will ask to rob his children’s mother of money. However, there are currently no progressions in the case that indicate the court will order her to forfeit any money, not even to pay the football player’s legal bills.

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